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Many of us would want to have a plastic surgery procedure to correct or improve our looks if only we can afford it. Yes, as good as they may sound, cosmetic surgeries have a reputation for being expensive that only celebrities and high-profile personalities can undergo such transformations. But because the market demand is high for facial and body reconstruction, like rhinoplasty, it can also expand its target to cater to the middle-class population. This fact is the reason why several doctors and practices here and abroad try to lower down the rhinoplasty expenses to make it convenient for anyone who needs it. By what really comprises your nose job cost? Let us dissect the different factors that affect the nose job cost and find out ways on how to save money in order to avail of this cosmetic surgery procedure.


Rhinoplasty Surgery: The Procedure

Rhinoplasty is a very intricate cosmetic surgery, despite the misconception that it is a minor one. Our nose is an essential part of our airway, and any compromise or damage done to it would instantly affect our overall health. This is why the procedure to undergo this nose job surgery is quite complicated.

It all starts with the most important part of the rhinoplasty surgery: the initial consultation. This is where your get to meet your surgeon, know the ins and outs of the operation, the nose surgery cost get assessed if you are a good candidate for a nose job, and know what you need to prepare and expect throughout the whole transformation. Once you and your rhinoplasty surgeon come to the conclusion that getting a nose job is ideal, then a schedule and surgical preparation shall be given in detail.

nose job resultsDuring the surgery, your surgeon will decide whether to put you under local anaesthesia with sedation or under general anaesthesia. There are two basic ways of performing a nose job, the closed or open rhinoplasty. With the closed technique, the incisions made are all located inside the nose, so you can expect that there will be no noticeable post-op marks. With the open rhinoplasty approach, the same internal incisions used for the close technique are utilised, with only an added cut on the skin of the lower base of the nose between your nostrils. This approach may be considered old-fashioned, but using this will provide wider visualisation of the nasal structures and better access for the surgeon when dealing with more complicated revisions and restructuring. Depending on the complexity of your condition, one can expect that the duration of a nose job surgery can usually last for 2 to 3 hours.


Nose Job Cost

In every cosmetic surgery procedure, the cost is definitely one of the elements that are very hard to get a definite answer. Why? Because, in a nose job surgery, for instance, no two noses are the same. Every one of us has different levels of need and preference for their enhancement or functional correction. So giving a standard nose job cost is unrealistic. What we can do is to find a rough estimation of a price range that can determine how much you should prepare when thinking about undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the basic rhinoplasty procedure cost can reach a price range from $5000 to $10000, and that is the whole surgery alone. There are other fees that you should think about on top of this basic expenditure.


The Surgeon

nose job consultationHow experienced and popular your plastic surgeon is in performing nose job surgeries, in particular, would dictate how much he will charge you for his services. Other people save money by choosing general surgeons or beauty specialists who may have experience in doing nose job surgeries but are definitely not specialists. Know your priorities and choose someone who can be accountable and reliable enough to depend on your safety and comfort.


The Location

Since Australian laws cover the medical expertise and the consequences of professional negligence alone, they have no say on how much surgery should cost. This means that a surgeon in Perth can offer nose job surgery at a lower cost than the doctor from Melbourne. Make sure that you do your research and inquire directly to several accessible doctors in and out of your state or region before choosing the one who can deliver great results for a reasonable price.


The Need

nose job expectations

Of course, minor revisions and restructuring would cost lower than a major reshaping of the nose. This factor also goes hand in hand with the expertise of the rhinoplasty surgeon you chose to perform your nose job. If your reason to undergo rhinoplasty is both for aesthetic and functional purposes, you can expect that the nose job cost would definitely be higher than a cosmetic tweak.


Medical Insurance

The reason for you getting a nose job can affect your rhinoplasty cost. How? Through your medical insurance coverage! Yes, it is a known fact that most insurance companies do not cover expenditures for non-medical procedures. But if you have sufficient evidence and medical records that would support your nose job as a medical necessity, then discuss this with your insurance provider so you can make your nose job cost more affordable and convenient.